Why does my ex boyfriend want me to beg him to take me back?

My ex dumped me and even though I really care about him, I was tired of the games and the on and off again situation. So, I decided not to do it again this time, I'm just kinda fed up. Some part of me thought that maybe this time he would apologize. But instead, he just wants me to still beg him and is being very difficult because of it. WHY?


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  • I had the same issue with my ex and I could not figure out why and then...It hit me I remembered how he said his ex would cry about EVERYTHING he did or said and made him feel obligated to get back with her. He was just used to someone begging and pleading for him this could be the same with your ex.

  • Probably while you are getting fed up with the push and pull he isnt, and he wants you to beg for him back because he wants control over you and the situation it also seems like he has a little bit of a ego so he doesn't want to be the one to say sorry for breaking up with "you" and I want you back...i say let him bitch all he wants about it but don't let him have his way . I would tell him that I'm to good to beg for you back, and if you really wanted to be with me you would have never broke up with me..and if you want me back you need to do better then that to get me back.


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