Ex boyfriend is ignoring me, but I want him back?

My ex broke up with me 5 days ago. During our entire relationship everything was perfect, never argued. I adored this guy.. so much so that I lost my precious v-card to him, which has left me severely emotionally attached.

5 days ago I was PMSing and having viscious mood swings. We were texting, and he was being nice and talking about college. He said he might be leaving to go to a college in a different state at the end of the sem. So I said (on text), "well that puts a deadline on our relationship."

We got into this whole conversation about how it was hard to him to keep up with our relationship because he was always working and such. Then he said, "Nicole I really do love you and if we ever do break up we will still be best friends and we'll still hang out all the time." I asked if we could talk about this in person and he said yeah, go over to his house at 5:30.

Couple hours later he texts me and asks what time I'm coming. And me, being all moody and pissy, reply, "you said 5:30..." and he said, "yeah that's cool."

I read that the complete wrong way. In my hormonal little brain, that was the sassiest thing ever. So I said, "I'll just go to Emily's house if your gonna be a bitch tonight."

he said, "Well if I'm such a little bitch then you don't have to worry anymore. I had fun while it lasted. Have a wonderful life. Goodbye."

I called him immediately. No answer. I texted him, apologizing, calling again 6 times like a little psycho. Nothing.

I started bawling my eyes out. It felt like my heart dropped to the floor. He texted me a little while later telling me he'd "call after he ate".. I never got a call. Later that night he asked, "What are you doing?" In reality, me and my friends were taking shots of the Jack Daniels that I got him for his birthday. But instead of telling him that, I told him to call me when he was ready to talk.

Still no call but I only texted him once the night after the break up to ask if this is what he really wanted and I apologized again. No response. I was drunk, so when he didn't reply I texted him again and compared him to my best friends ex-boyfriend whom we all despise, because I knew that would hurt his feelings. Next morning he made it FBO.

4 days after this, I didn't contact him or anything. But I ran into his friend Conner who is living with him temporarily. I asked him if my ex has said anything about the break up and he said no, he hasn't. I made the mistake of asking him to make my ex drunk enough call me that night. Instead, Conner calls my ex in front of me and tells him that I'm not sure if we're really over or not. My ex replies: "I haven't talked to her in 4 days. It's over and done with."

I gave Conner the rest of the Jack Daniels, who brought it to my ex's house and told him he got it from me. I don't know how that went.. probably bad.

my question: did he break up with me over text because he was looking for a way out? Is there a chance he will call me eventually? Or is it really over?
Ex boyfriend is ignoring me, but I want him back?
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