Will my depressed ex boyfriend come back to me?

My ex boyfriend is depressed and does not know what he wants. We went out for a year, had an intense relationship because of his depression but the love we had for each other was SO strong. We fell in love quick and hard. He was my first love, my first everything. We had highs and lows in our relationship because of his depression. He broke up with me at the beginning of summer, completely devastating me. The reason was that he still loved me but couldn't deal with our relationship anymore. However, a week after his decision and after me ignoring him, he was unsure whether his decision was a right one... and I of course came back to him.

Around a month ago, after a small disagreement he ended things for "good." We go to the same college together which made it very awkward for me as we had the same circle of friends.By this point I decided I HAD to ignore him. I gave him no attention for weeks. I did not text him. I did not even look at him. But I still thought about him all the time

He spoke to me first after a while and told me his depression had deteriorated. He was having suicidal thoughts and felt incredibly alone. A few days later he missed college and went to the doctors where he was diagnosed with depression and given anti depressants. I went to house that day to see if he was okay... he held my hand and told me how much he loved me.

I decided I couldn't cut him out when he was going through all of this. At a party a week ago he came up and spoke to me like he used to. However, he saw me dancing with a guy and got incredibly jealous and came up to me and told me the only thing he ever wanted was for me to be happy. We kissed and hugged and told each other we loved each other. A day later I went round to his and he just held me. He said he didn't know what he wanted and that we should talk in a month and see where we wanted to go from there.

I honestly have no idea what to do. I want him back, I truly do but I want him back in the best way possible. I love him, he loves me and we are both just so confused. What is the best way to go from here? It seems like he simply wants to have his cake and eat it.. he wants to know that I'm his (restricting me from moving on) but not actually commit to me which will hurt me more in the long run. How should I act around for him to come back to be? I want him to realize that he wants me, which deep down I think he does but is just very confused.
Will my depressed ex boyfriend come back to me?
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