Why would an ex boyfriend semi keep me around?

-im a web cam girl. I met this guy on the internet on myyearbook

-Relationship was short.

-he flew me out to meet him and I liked him alot

-I had a friend with benefits prior to physically meeting him.

I had sex with my friends with benefits 2 times while talking to him. the first was one time when he got mad at me and I was like whatever. The second time I had no plan on doing it Just went to a house party with him and 2 of my close friends and changed my mind after drinking. (I also let my phone die to ignore the ex boyfriend and so my excuse for not replying back was legit.)

- Ex boyfriend knew about the first time. He was pissed/hurt but forgave me because I was honest. second time I couldn't tell him. but didn't think I was going to meet him.

-After I did meet him. I deleted the friends with benefits number out of my phone and ignored him the week I was there. I was just going to cut him off 100%. It wouldn't have been to hard Because emotionally there was no connection.

-Ex boyfriend watched me in chat-room and they asked me when was the last time I had sex I told them. He got mad and started posting it on Skype like things like May 7smash a homie, may 7 life of lies.. may 7... like rotating statuses I didn't put 2 and 2 together so he asked me one day what happened may 7. I lied because I couldn't tell him.

-Another time I invited a couple guys over when I was super drunk. and I said I would have sex with one of them in my chat room and he was in there watching anonymously when I said that he came in with his normal user name and was tipping me. and then he talked and said I just don;t want you to deny it when you try to talk to me again. Lied to him about what happened that night too.

-A year later he has a different user name I see it pop in my room and go out he says nothing he finally did and said he likes seeing me naked still.

-It's semi embarrassing to see him come in because I'm like 20-30ish lbs fatter then last year.

-I asked him why he came in for a few months he ignored me.

-finally I asked him if he hates me? he said no

- I asked again and that's when I got my answer of he likes seeing me naked, I wrote him a screwy message and wrote I wish I could still b your girl.

-he asked why I was being weird and told me to get on Skype I deleted him 5 months ago.

-on Skype he asked do I want his attention or to block him and never talk to him again.

-I choose his attention. He said I have to earn it.

-I have no idea how.

- He still barely talks to me when I try talking to him so its kind of awkward.

- And I can't talk to him with out my heart rate going so fast I start sweating.

- he won't let me see him on Skype or hear him.

-I thought he only looked so he can see if I had videos with guys. Because he asked me if I had any first. I said no. and so I told him I won't be making anymore with guys. He said he doesn't even care about that.

Im just confused on what to do. And it's driving me crazy. Is he just just doing it to screw with me right now. or what's your opinion.
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also I told him EVERYTHING before I stopped talking to him 5 months ago. Like literally if he read anything I wrote him he knows things I have never 100% told anyone.
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Ok by the way I just asked him and I'm still lost
Why would an ex boyfriend semi keep me around?
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