Why does my ex check up on my video stories on whatsapp everyday if he's dating someone new?

My ex and I have been dating on/off for eight months. He broke up with me a second time last September and went into no contact for two months. During our no contact he told me he had slept with three women it upset me because I feel he didn't care about me. My ex wants to remain friends but I told him we couldn't because of our intimacy and experiences together. He told me recently that he never loved me while we were seeing each other and is dating someone new. I've blocked him from almost everything but he can still view my video stories. Why does he check up on my status everyday when he's dating someone new? Should I just block him completely? We haven't spoken for a few days and I am focusing on my career.


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  • Whether or not he dumped you or not, you were the most important part in his life at one point. So I'm sure he wants to know how you are doing. I do that the same to my exes, although I am still friends with them so it's not really checking up but more of just going through my video story feed.

    Guys have an ego, we can be dating someone new but still wanna know if our ex has found someone better or worst and such. It's fine, let him see. Have fun and snap great things. Let him know he lost a great person. You are winning (;

    • I thought guys keep their exes around for an ego boost, backup plan and sexual benefits. It's sad because I did love him and he's mistreated me enough for me to force myself to move on. He always looks at my videos and if he cared he would message or make an attempt to resolve issues.

    • Well, some guys do, but not the nice guys. Well I am glad you moved on! Yeah, don't expect or want any attention from him anymore. He is not worth it.

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