Is it meant to be awkward at the beginning of a relationship?

OK well me and this guy have just started going out. We have liked each other for a while now, so I figured we would immediately click.

But he isn't very talkative (never really has been) all he ever says is "yes" and "yer" and "yup" , thus causing me to feel awkward.

Also I have to do everything, I have to make ALL the moves, I even had to ask him out...

ALSO we do not know each other very well, just the basics, but when I asked him if we could hang out before Uni classes start he said "I don't get to school that early, so we won't be able to" .

I might be exaggerating, but I sorta felt slight rejection, I mean if I have to make all the moves, he might as well play along with them.

I mean he doesn't really make an effort to talk to me, I usually have to start the conversation, but it has only been around two days (I know I'm being a worry wart, I just don't wanna end up getting dumped after like a week, so I wanna make sure I do everything right)...

Do you think he is just really shy (I already knew he was sorta shy to start off with, but THIS is a whole new level of shy..)

And as for his short answers, do you think it's because he is nervous around me, and can't think straight, so just gives simple answers...

We are both fairly new to the whole "boyfriend, girlfriend" thing, so we are both pretty clueless, and well ANY relationship advise would be good!
Is it meant to be awkward at the beginning of a relationship?
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