Why did my Ex-Girlfriend's sister add me on Facebook?

Short Story: My ex had told me she wanted to wait a month and a half, for use to work on our relationship problems. Well after a week, she became distant. She wouldn't even tell me were we stand. One day, I tired to make her jealous by saying I had a girlfriends. After that, we fought and fought until she finally told me she just wanted to be acquaintances and told me she lost interests. It tore me up.

I knew I would keep trying to get her interest back and she didn't want that. I asked her to block me from everything. I loved her and she needs to block me because I will keep trying. She wouldn't. I made her blocked me. I forced myself to quit talking to her by making her not want to talk to me. I said some VERY disrespectful things to her and about her. She ended up wanting to fight me, and that was that. I was finally to move on.

Fast forward a couple days. Her sister adds me on Facebook. WHY?


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  • There are many possible explanations.

    The most suspicious minded one would be that her and her sister were talking about you and either A) your ex is keeping tabs on your through her or B) the sister is keeping tabs on you without your ex knowing.

    If I were a detective I would solve this case by asking her sister "what's up with the add?"

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