My ex contacted my mother?

My ex ended our relationship 11 days ago we had a huge argument and I left to which he texted me and ended it saying he wasn't happy with me. A couple of days ago a received a text from him saying he wanted to get his stuff from mine to which I replied I am busy for the next couple of days but would let him know when he could collect his stuff he then said "i know things ended badly but I wish you the best and hope the fight with j goes well" (J is my son from a previous relationship and I'm going through court) I replied "thank you :)" today he has now messaged my mother saying "Hi lisa I just want to say thank you for everything like feeding me and stuff. And I'm sorry about the arguments we had no hard feelings. Hope your good 🙂" my questions are - 1. Why is he messaging my mum? 2. Is he doing this because he misses me or he's genuinely done with the relationship.
My ex contacted my mother?
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