My ex contacted my mother?

My ex ended our relationship 11 days ago we had a huge argument and I left to which he texted me and ended it saying he wasn't happy with me. A couple of days ago a received a text from him saying he wanted to get his stuff from mine to which I replied I am busy for the next couple of days but would let him know when he could collect his stuff he then said "i know things ended badly but I wish you the best and hope the fight with j goes well" (J is my son from a previous relationship and I'm going through court) I replied "thank you :)" today he has now messaged my mother saying "Hi lisa I just want to say thank you for everything like feeding me and stuff. And I'm sorry about the arguments we had no hard feelings. Hope your good 🙂" my questions are - 1. Why is he messaging my mum? 2. Is he doing this because he misses me or he's genuinely done with the relationship.


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  • Sounds more like he is just being respectful. He didn't need to wish you all the best with your son or you. The stuff with your Mum sounds like maybe he is making peace with some of the things from your relationship together. I wouldn't be too worried unless he starts bombarding you both with messages or they turn aggressive and angry

  • he's just being respectful. he's done with the relationship.


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