I have a girlfriend... but I (kinda) like another girl?

Have been with my girlfriend for a year and 3 months but i dont find her very sexually attractive anymore and i want to be with other girls, but i love her so much and we get along well together. There is a girl i have been working with for the past 9 months and i know that she likes me. We have much in common and i am excited for her. Feel guilty.
Have been feeling like this for almost 3 months.
We almost broke up 1,5 months ago because she asked me if i had lost interest in her but we eventually agreed to stay together, but my main reason for still being with her was mainly because i felt so bad and guilty as i saw her crying. I can't see her feeling so badly.
I dont even know how to break up with her? we meet every 2 weeks (long distance, but she will move in with me and my parents in three weeks time). Would it be wrong to do it through video call? and would it be a betrayal?
I have a girlfriend... but I (kinda) like another girl?
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