He doesn't have my number saved under my name anymore in his phone. What does this mean?

This guy who I'm very close with told me that he hasn't saved my number.
I didn't even know, he mentioned it to me when we FaceTimed and told me he is trying to memorise my number for emergencies.. but I don't understand, we live in separate countries so my number is quite long and he's never known my number off by heart for years, and my name has always been saved in his phone, we stopped talking for a few months after breaking up, and now we are getting back on track and making progress so I'm confused... i know he doesn't have another girl due to some personal issues at the moment and we have been through so much together so it's not like I'm a nobody. But I think that his reason was a stupid reason?


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  • it means he got upset at some point removed your number and swore he would never ring you again. since then he has regretted deleting your number and most likely searched everywhere for it. what does this mean absolutely nothing don't read to much into it.

    • Well yeah when we broke up he had blocked me but after we sorted things out I would have thought he'd saved it, and I'm sure he had since we started talking again months back but recently he's been depressed and really isolated so I'm being living and supporting him throughout. Today I called to check up on him and he mentioned it so I found out. I now feel as if I'm not important or of value if he isn't saving it, but he told me he wanted to learn my number for emergencies. I just find it very odd

    • I feel upset because I'm doing so much for him and I feel like I'm not even worthy to be saved under a name... and now each time I text him I think I'm only a number to him

  • ... that he know longer has your number saved after the break-up? Makes sense enough to me

    • But we are back together again so not really

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    • Seems like a weird thing overthink too much, too, but here we are. I consider it a commitment thing, the person to inform if anything happens

    • I'm trying not to overthink but it kind of hurts. Makes me feel as if I'm not important enough.. when I love and do so much for him. There are other ways to memorise numbers

  • He given you them dank nicknames boi


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