My gf's mom trying to seduce me?

My gf's mom is staying with us for a week and we all were drinking last night and my girlfriend passed out while we had some more drinks and she just suddenly sat in my lap and grabbed my dick and asked me to have sex with her and I am like wtf I told her to get off me. but she was too drunk to comprehend what was happening and she passed on my lap. What I don't get it is that she didn't particularly liked me so is she being a stupid bitch and should I make my girlfriend aware of it?


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  • Make your girlfriend aware of this, but be warned: it can ruin your relationship with your girlfriend, and it could ruin her relationship with her mother.

    • maybe I should act like it never happened or mention this in future.

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  • hahaha holy fuck man, thats some crazy shit.
    yeah be warned about talking to your girlfriend about that, it can really mess her head up, coz you know, girls tend to overthink. best to just hope the mum forgets that the next morning, and you better keep that story to yourself.

  • It might be a one time drunken move. Ignore it. In the future don't drink with Ur gf's mother. She evidently can't handle her liquor.

  • LOL there are so many amazing troll on this app this is fucking awesome

    • Yeah, I get that and I know it feels like a porno script but that is my fucking reality.

    • The part that made me laugh was "is she just being a stupid bitch?"

    • She is pain in our relationship. My girlfriend is fed up too. She leaves no opportunity to talk shit about me but what happened last night is just crossing the fucking line.

  • Double bonanza... Enjoy... Keep it discreet...


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