We moved too fast and now he just wants to be friends, will anything come of this relationship now?

I was dating a guy and we hit it off and we really emotionally connected but definitely moved too fast. The end result was that he freaked himself out by moving so fast and said that he wants to be friends and doesn't want to lose me as a friend. The kicker is that he actually means it. He keeps telling me that I am a good friend to have like I need to be reminded. I think I am just really confused by this. He hasn't dated around much and I think that was his intention when we were talking for it not to get serious but then it did, and I get that he wants to date around but it just feels weird that I am getting penalized with the friend card and put on the back burner.. I guess my question is just needing advice on this situation in general and any thoughts on his whole friend move and if I should stay on the back burner or if anything would even come of it.


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  • You need to move on and not wait for him. Since he will not be in a relationship with you, he is free to date other girls out there while you watch and get hurt deep down. What kind of "friendship" is that? You don't want to put yourself in the limbo of hoping someone will see the light and eventually be with you. DO NOT stay on the back burner. Keep your self respect and move forward without him. It's not that you moved too fast trust me, it's something else... He will have someone soon and it will tear you apart in many ways, and you will think "they got together fast". You have friends already. You have feelings so the friendship is over.


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  • He has the better deal, you as a friend and him being able to date other girls while he can make his mind up whether to come back or not.

    The fact that he keeps telling you, you are a friend, only serves to implant the friend part in his mind, like trying to convince himself that you are and will only be. If he wanted to be with you, he would be.

    He may not have given the relationship much of a chance to survive, by not communicating the fact.. There are perhaps two things you could do, either tell him straight out how you are feeling and what you want and see if there is a way back for you both, or just move on and not contact him and in effect end your friendship with him.

    He may feel guilty for what he did and wants to be friends to make amends for the hurt he may have caused you, but who knows.


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