How do you make a guy learn his lesson for cheating on you?

OK there is a long story and I won't be able to write it all, but bottom line is my boyfriend cheated on me. After not seeing each other or talking for a month he came to relieve that all he wanted was me and he made the biggest mistake ever. I want to take him back, but how can I trust him again? How do I know if he understand what he did was wrong? He says he does and that he doesn't deserve me, but how to I get him to understand that next time it happens, then I'm gone for good. this is our last chance.


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  • Alright... you're asking how to FIX your boyfriend. What do girls do when a guy tries to FIX things? Uh huh. Good luck. If you were a little older and in a more stable relationship I would say it depends on the situation but... high school age? The best you could hope for is a boyfriend who comes back to you for sex until he gets sick of your games and dumps you. By the way... take it from the guy. You're a really pretty girl. If you wait for an awesome guy who doesn't cheat you WILL find one.

    • You have no idea, no offense. Sex is NOT for boyfriend and girlfriend, it's for marriage! If you have sex before you're married, your guy will leave you.

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  • ``...doesn't deserve me.'' is a telling phrase.

    Take him back if you want to, but you're taking a chance.

    Advice? Move on. Let him _really_ learn his lesson.


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  • well when my boyfriend cheated he saw what he did was wrong he realized and felt really bad and he has been good to me ever since but when I had first found out...and this was when he finally realized what he did I was going over to his house to get my things and he said some f***ed up things cause he lied first about it...and when the words came out his mouth I punched him in his mouth. did talk to him for almost a month and he tried to make a attempt to get me back and I still resisted then I finally gave in and when we got back together again I broke down and cried and told him how bad he hurt me and that crushed him...the I took away sex and kissing for about 3 weeks and wouldn't let him get close. and when he tried I would act funny and say I just couldn't and that I didn't feel comfortable...i did text the girl an got smart with her before this and when I saw her again I told her face as reminder to know her place. but I'm more agressive.


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