Nice guys eventually win? Is it true? Will I win one? please will at least one girl answer

Hi I'm what you might call a nice guy I have never really saw what it a girl could like in a jerk well I thought maybe they like em tough so I have been working out a little I thought I would go from unattractive to hulky but man was I wrong it was hard to begin with going from OK looking to a little muscle to looking good I feel allot more confident with how I look but it did not change my personalty at all I am still quite and thoughtful and I have almost quit being an apologetic like one time I tried to be the jerk tough guy my gut was in horrible pain the whole time I was putting on the act I told people this exact same thing they thought I was joking saying that was hardly rude at all I still feel inconsiderate and sorry about that if I just made the wrong impression just then but don't worry I definitely learned my lesson I hear allot of girls like a guy with confidence while I am honest I am not to confident about getting a girl but I am about my business and some one same one said nice guys eventually win so I now have a reason to be more confident any way all that leads to a question do you think there is hope for me? yeah sure my moms friends and older women say I am cute but unless I can't read body language no girl has actually flirted towards me. I would like to think I am a nice guy I listen to the problems of people I make time to be there and made sure recently to be there for any girl that is a friend that is in need to be there for her because I think I am getting desperate I have all things that make up a nice guy do they really win? I want to win one. I don't ask for good looks or money just a girl with honesty and responsible but I would still be there for her when she needs some one and I wouldn't mind doing her work for her if she needed so please tell me do you think there is hope? do nice guys eventually win?
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Im trying hard not to reply to every one posts an answer because it may seem like I am desperate thanks every one for the answers so far every one has had something that may help.
Nice guys eventually win? Is it true? Will I win one? please will at least one girl answer
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