Why did my ex block me?

So me and my ex were having problems. Well not as of the last two months of the relationship really but more like I still couldn't get over what he had put me through up until the point. He wasn't considerate of my feelings and he would do dumb things like drive drunk even when I would ask him to stop so many times! We literally got into 3 car accidents together because he was intoxicated and I had never been in 1 before. Also, for most of the relationship he made me feel insecure or like I wasn't good enough. And when I nearly broke up with him other times, he started trying to change but I felt like it was already too late. So I broke up with him because we got into an argument about 2 weeks ago and the way he handled it just reminded me of his old ways. He called me an idiot and a dumbass over something he THOUGHT i did ( he never asks he usually assumes but when I ask him things he gets angry). Since my feelings for him weren't as strong as they were earlier in the relationship, I was at my breaking point. Normally I would look past those crazy arguments but this time was just different. I broke up with him and he was devastated. He screamed, cried, emailed me, everything. He kept saying I gave up on him and I don't love him. I do love him very much actually. But I felt the break up was necessary. After a few days of him blowing up my phone, I just told him we needed to give each other space at least. Deep down I feel like we needed to take a step back to grow up before we could continue the relationship. He was willing. We talked on the phone once a day for 4 days and then on the 5th day, out of the blue, he texted me saying he realizes he's happy without me and that he no longer is interested in getting back together. He basically ended it with a "good luck in life. Hope you can understand." Then he blocked me. I had never cried so hard in my life. How did he go from begging for shit to work to him being so happy? I can't get over this
Why did my ex block me?
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