Hot and cold behaviour from ex girlfriend?

Ex girlfriend broke up with me a while back. I immediately went into NC. Sadly, I do see her at the gym quite a bit.

Last week, she started to tease me and even have light conversation with me. Then she told me she heard about competition I was participating in. I told her not to come because I jokingly said “I don’t want you taking topless photos of me.” She replies saying “one day you’ll grow up” laughing as she walks away.

this week I saw her and she was like 2 feet away from me completely ignoring me.

the following day, I see her again and she keeps staring at me. After her workout, I see her chilling facing my general direction.

next time I see her, she kinda talks indirectly to me. Her best friend, which is a guy, starts being playful with me.

thoughts and opinions?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She cares abour what you think and i guess if it was me, and my ex said that to me id be scared theyd cut me off again bc theyre already assuming im a creepy ex who can't move on. Maybe she eas embarrassed and now plays the role of intimidating you so you care what she thinks of you rather than vise versa, leading in someone being insecure. Exes is a power trip, someone has to feel like they won. If she's mature and you're mature, you guys can sit and talk about what you really feel, if its not important to you, y'all can continue having weird distance. As a woman i think shed be open to talking about it, its guys who dont want to even tho they clearly care. Good luck


What Guys Said 1

  • They do that weird shit. My ex fruended and unfriended me on fb and sent me another friend request. At that point i declined, and went nc. Have been ever since


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