Why is my ex girlfriend being hot and cold?

She broke up with me 2 months ago because she was losing feelings. I know why and it is fixable because it is my fault. I told her not totalk to me unless she wants to makeup and I apologized a week later but she's taking it very hard. She did forgive me but didn't mean it. When I would text her once a week, she wouldn't reply. When I try to talk to her she ignored me. She hated me.

On Valentine's day I got her a gift and she was really happy and I said how sorry I was and friendly things. She forgave me and asked for a hug. It was a deep hug too. We were walking and talking a little. She seemed a little hesitant talking to me.The next day she was really close to me but we weren't talking. I was teasing her a little and she was laughing.

A few days later I tried to talk to her and she blew me off again but nicely. So I tried again and she got mad. I told her "I'm so tired of this. Can we just get along?" She said I keep ambushing her (trying to talk to her) and I need to give her space. I shouldn't force things. She said that when she wants to talk to me she'll come to me. (Does that mean she really won't?) I feel like she's playing games or maybe I am being clingy.She still checks me out and comes where my group is to see what I'm doing. Plus she stares when I'm talking to other girls.

Then, yesterday she looked really sexy and kept looking at me and trying to show herself off at me. She would come up to my friends and I and start talking to one of them but not me. She usually is never around. Since I am the alpha in my group I told my friends to lets go and she followed until she went her own way. I turned around and she was walking the other way and looked back at me. It looked she wanted to talk to me but was nervous.The last time she gave me attention like this I came on too quickly any she pulled away. So I don't know what to do. I can't ignore her but instead show her I'm interested without being a douche and clingy. Right?

Today she was being close to me too but not as much as yesterday.

I feel like if I give her too much space all the emotional bond will disappear. What should I do? I hope I didn't ruin things again after just making up
Why is my ex girlfriend being hot and cold?
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