Why is my ex-girlfriend starting drama?

She broke up with me 7 months ago. Said she needed space. Tried to fight for her once then I went straight into no contact. Kept my distance and focused on me. Sadly I see her at the gym all the time.

Right after the breakup, she played a lot of games. She was hot and cold, trying to make me jealous flirting with people around me, giving my new female friends dirty looks, and all that kind of stuff. Those are just to name a few. Everybody sees that she played games and her friends are doing it too. Such as spying on me and asking random relationship questions to gauge if I am in a relationship or not.

So the other night, when I saw her at the gym, she called me over wanting to talk to me. She told me to stop spreading rumors about her because she never did anything to me. She said she wanted to be my friend right after the breakup and I told her I wasn't interested in being friends. She said, "Your friends are messaging me and being very specific". Honestly, the whole time while talking to her, I just said "sure", "you're right", and "okay". I just agreed just so she can stop talking. I have never said anything specific.

At one point when I was getting my gym bag ready so I can go home. She told me "Don't walk away from me while I'm talking to you." She's doing this in front people too.

As she was leaving the gym, she said "BYEE. You know we can still be civil"

What does she want and why is she doing this? It's so annoying!
Why is my ex-girlfriend starting drama?
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