Is it weird that my boyfriend added his exgirlfriends bestfriend?

He was inlove with his ex, she left him, and got married, she's currently pregnant with her husbands daughter. Recently my boyfriend dumped me for a week, and while seperated he added a lot of women, some of which dont like me, most of them being friends with his exgf.

My concern is why one of the first people he added was his exgirlfriends bestfriend. He was all over her fb, and she on his. she's been calling him old nicknames and over all it makes me uncomfortable since he still looks up his ex girlfriend on fb. When i asked him why hed add her or all people he ignored me, when i told him I've been having dreams of him leaving me. He immediately got defensive and told me hed dump me again. That there is nothing going on between them & sorry thats not good enough for me.

she's still on his fb and he's stopped talking to me. Im 20 weeks pregnant with our daughter and incredibly insecure about what our relationship even is. he's hot and cold about wanting to be a family and marry me.

Am i being insecure or am i valid to feel like he isn't over his ex. And added her bestfriend to keep tabs on his ex and or stay relevent to his ex. She left him for" not having enough money " He finally got a good paying job and now he's adding her friends on fb, not only just her bestfriend. She left him 8 years ago. We've been together for 6, going on 7, why is he just now begining to add these friends of hers?

Is it weird that my boyfriend added his exgirlfriends bestfriend?
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