Boyfriends mom is an enabler?

My boyfriend's mom is weird. My boyfriend is almost 26 and unemployed. He graduated in 2015 but since then, he never got a proper job. He did small part time jobs here and there but spent all his time from 2015 till 2019 hanging out with friends, making girlfriends and just doing nothing.

He has made some really erratic decisions and none of those helped him. All he did was follow his then girlfriend and his group of friends wherever they went and whatever they did. His friends and ex girlfriend were just downright *****y people who didn't even accept him for who he was. He was only in that group because he was acting like "them".

In 2019, his ex started masters course in her country and he followed the same only because she wanted to study further. Turns out he felt bad that she was doing something and he wasn't so he joined a course too.

He had plans to stay in the country but they broke up so he went back home , completed his course online and made some visits to see his supervisor and then made a decision to visit here for a change.

Throughout all this, his mom never said anything negative. He told me that she supports him in everything he does and has never told him that he's wrong or is wasting away his time.
Instead, his mom gets upset if I point out that my boyfriend is wrong.

My boyfriend doesn't mind and he has changed some of his habits but she clearly doesn't like the fact that I don't agree with everything he says.

She used to think his college friends and even ex girlfriend were amazing people and had even added his ex girlfriend (who clearly disliked their country of origin) on Facebook. It was shocking.

I think she is a nice person but she gives me a huge enabler vibes. And now she doesn't seem to like me. Last night I had fallen asleep on the couch. My boyfriend kissed me hands when I woke up and lifted me up to take me to bed. His brother joked about us but she looked upset.

What's wrong with her?
Boyfriends mom is an enabler?
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