How can I get my boyfriend to stop bringing his dog everywhere?

my boyfriend has a German Shepard that he loves a lot. I understand. I have a cat I love a lot. but the thing is he brings this dog everywhere!

when we go out to eat the restaurant has to have a patio because he ties the dog to the fence. we can't go to the movies because it's indoors. the dog goes on every car ride, even to the bank or something. he refuses to leave the house without it. it's been on every one of our dates. and the dog sits in the front seat. I sit in the back. also the dog is badly behaved and runs off and then we have to chase it down.

the worst part is I'm highly allergic to dogs. they make my eyes swell up and I break out in itchy red hives whenever I'm near a dog. and this dog always jumps on me which makes it worse. she has also knocked me over a few times because she is a big dog and I am a small person. she weighs more than me.

i tried to talk about it before and he said he loves his dog and if I'm going to love him I have to accept the dog. I'm not asking him to give up the dog or anything. just to leave it home when we go out. what can I do?


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  • is this a real question? your highly allergic to dogs and it jumps on you. do you really like the guy enough to deal with the fact he is obsessed with his dog and brings it every where and you have to sit in the back seat. get a different boyfriend.


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