My boyfriend's ex is hotter than me?

Okay we're together for 10months now and I've just seen his ''ex-girlfriends'' facebook with pics of her. Actually they have never been together but he chased after her for like 9months. :/

we look similar: skinny, long brown hair, the lips etc.

but I really feel like she's a hotter version of me 'cause she has something special.

now I just feel insecure, because I think that he will never love me like he loved her. I mean he waited for her 9months and she just played with him. Than he met me and we got together, have I just been a stopgap? we've always had some issues right from the beginning of our relationship.

Anyone feeling the same or any advice?


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  • I know how you feel. I think my boyfriends ex is gorgeous she's toothpick skinny perfect smile everything.. he tells me I'm the hottest girlfriend he's had but when I read comments he posted on her pictures before me and him started dating it makes me feel so insecure. I've been with my boyfriend for 11 months a year in a few days.. Have you asked him about her? You say they never dated and she played with him.. no guy likes the feeling of being played ask him how he feels about you and her that's what I did with my boyfriend. You'll never know unless you ask communication is always key to a good relationship get everything off your chest so you won't feel insecure. This sounds just like my relationship he had her on facebook he told me what they had was in the past and to make me feel better he actually removed her off his MySpace and facebook I didn't even ask him to do that. But like I said talk to him tell him what's bothering you ask him questions that you want answers to and watch his reactions.

    • Thank you for your answer:)

      i've told him before that I think that he'll never love me as much as he loved her and he really got angry and told me that I should not worry about ''this stupid bit.h'' & but now that I know how she looks, man.. :/

      they don't have any contact, she just texted him once and he texted back, but when I found out he told her not to contact him anymore.

      am I acting too insecure& too childish? :(

    • I don't think you're acting childish. You're just insecure which I think is normal I still am insecure about my boyfriends ex girlfriends. They're all so super skinny and cute.. I mean I'm not ugly but I sure as hell am not toothpick skinny and that's all he's ever dated. I know how you feel. If he told you not to worry about her and he told her not to contact him anymore then try to get past it I know it's hard but if you dwell on it it could ruin your relationship.

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  • thats exactly how I feel. but they have dated for a couple of years. and he says that he has no feelings for her at all. and he only loves wants to be with me. I tried to be friends with her but she talked about him nonstop that it drove me crazy. I wanted to slap her. she's obviously not over him. she tlks to him nonstop about her problems and such and he tells her that he doesn't care why is she telling him for. but she is prettier than me I think. I said it out loud to him and he just tells me to be quiet and that that's not true. he says he doesn't love her but when I look at his old prom pics, I get so upset because they had things planned and it never happened due to her cheating. with me he doesn't even want me to mention marriage or kids. he hates it. he's like "well you may be ready in four years after you grad college, but I may not be". I mean he even hasn't considered us living together. I've been with my boyfriend 10 months now too. he still has his immature stages that drives me nuts. I wanna say something but I dnt feel like arguing. I'm only 19 years of age.

  • beauty is in the eye of the beholder


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