Saw my ex for the first time and he blanked me?

We had a really intensive relationship and it was fast paced, he told all of his friends and family about me instantly, took me on nice dates. Then after a while we broke up after what seemed perfect, I guess looking back he lied a lot and it was probably going to become emotionally abusive. During the break up he would keep messaging me, call me and hang up repeatedly until I would answer his texts, beg for me back one day and ignore me the next, block and unblock me. He blocked me for a whole month then came back saying he's sorry and begged me for another chance. The love bombing began again and I started to fall for it, he told me he hasn't been with anyone else and kept asking if the same applies to me, in which I said no which was true. A couple of weeks later I heard from a friend he HAD dated someone else.

i confronted him, he got angry and blocked me then text me to 'explain' he only met her for a couple of weeks then ended it. Begged for another chance and said he will do anything just tell him what I want. He called me the next day repeatedly, I called back and text to see what was up half an hour later when I got a chance and I never got a response again. That was it.

I was out the other night and I saw him one foot away from me, he stared at me like I was a complete stranger for two seconds the carried on walking. I don't understand the reaction? Even a smile or a brief hello and keep walking. I was over him now I'm stuck wondering what went so wrong again
Saw my ex for the first time and he blanked me?
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