My boyfriend is moving to another state.

so my boyfriend is moving back to his hometown, which is another state.

he moved here last year with his family. they moved back but he stayed here to finish school.

now he's moving back cause he hates it here.

he told me when we first started talking that he might be going, and that it would be in January or so, but he just told me yesterday its going to be in a month. I'm so depressed over this because he's my best friend, the only person I ever hangout with. I'm with I'm 24/7 pretty much. and all this is killing me. he wants to stay together because he thinks we can work this out, but I honestly don't think we can. I have bad trust issues and I know that he will find someone else or someone. I'm only 17 and ill be 18 in a month and he keeps telling me that I should come with him. and I can't do that. I'm not even gonna do that when in 18 cause I'm not gonna leave me parents for a guy at this age. they would feel so betrayed. and he told me that we can skype every night. I just don't know what to do about this. I don't know if I should break up with him now so that I don't get more attached in the next month, or just have my fun with him now and break up with him before he goes. I wanna be with I'm forever but I just don't see how this long distance is going to work. like I don't know when id ever see him and I don't wanna be in a relationship with someone I can never see.

all this is happening to fast and I'm literally depressed. I need some advice :[


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  • Kudos for you sticking with your life and understanding you're still too young!

    i think you've answered your ownthoughts.. you don't want to be in a relationship with someone you can't see. There you go. You're perfectly within your right to say that and dictate that.

    Cut your losses, say your goodbye, thank him for the wonderful time together and try to end it on a good note. Chalk up this relationship to experience and move on with your young life. x

    • Well I wanna stay with him. but I just know that ldr don't work. he wants to make it work and I'm happy he does, its me who doesn't wanna do it. I wanna be with him though. I just don't know how its gonna work though because I have real bad trust issues and I'm in chicago and he will be allll the way in florida :/ I'm heartbroken. he's coming over today and I wanna tlak about it but I don't know what to say.

    • Just say exactly what you are feeling.

  • Well, I'm not a guy, lol, but I'm going through the same thing sorta. My boyfriend just moved to Alaska, (from Michigan), to live with his brother and I'm moving in a month and half to be with him. He told me he was leaving days into the relationship and I really was contemplating calling it off. I'm so happy I didn't. He's already left, but the time we had assured me that I need to pursue this relationship further. Even if it ends up not working out, I couldn't bare the thought of not at least trying. If he's worth it, it's as simple as not giving up and making sacrifices. Just as long as those sacrifices don't mean your unhappiness.

    That trust issue, totally know what you mean. Not knowing who he's around, miles away; it makes me honestly very protective and loads jealous. But, I hope I helped. It's all up to you in the end, regardless of what others may think. :)

    • Welll I talked to him yesterday and he said he didn't wanna talk about it, and I told him we have to talk about it sometime, and the fact that we don't talk about it makes me mad. and he said he doesn't want to casue he knew I would break up with him. I've told him so many times we will stay together. but it scares me. and yesetrday he told me he might not be able to talk to me everyday. and that's bogus to me. if you're that many miles away from me. the least you can do is call me everyday..

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