My boyfriend wants me to move to another state to be with him

my boyfriend wants me to leave the only home I've ever known to move to a state where I have no family or friends him and his family will be all I have. I want a life with him but I want him to understand that I feel like I'm giving up everything but he took it as I was saying no all together and we got into a huge fight. his answer to me feeling like this was fine stay there I'll be fine. It really made me feel like he never wanted me there in the first place or he had other plans for me to get up there and just use me. I need all the advice I can get so all answers are wanted if this was you how would you feel and handle this problem
He did ask me to marry him but right now I'm the one with a stable income and my own place. I feel like he thinks I should uproot my life were I have family and friends to move to a state were all I would have is him and his family. In the end he isn't really giving up anything. I held him down while he was locked up. I feel like he thinks that because I was loyal then I should be the same way now and do what makes him happy even if something doesn't feel right about it more advice wanted


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  • Do what will make you happy in the long run. Since y'all aren't married, I would say no because there's no real commitment. That's what I would do. The only reason I'd move out of state is if I was married to her. Yeah, things could always get bad after a while but it's better than leaving when y'all are just BF/GF. Especially if y'all haven't been dating for long.

    And just by judging what you said in your post, I wouldn't move for sure. He should be a good boyfriend and be understandable and respect your feelings and decisions. Moving out of state is not like moving to another part of town. It's a big adjustment and will take time to get used to everything.

    If this doesn't help you, talk to your friends and family, those that really care for you. They'll give it to you straight, not your boyfriend.

    Good luck.


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  • Why didn't he ask to marry you? He wants you to make this big ass commitment but will he make one for you?

    "It really made me feel like he never wanted me there in the first place or he had other plans for me to get up there and just use me."

    -Yeah, think about that...You might be on to something

  • Do what's best


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