I fucked my friends husband. How to make peace with that?

I will ignore comments that clearly didn't read the description. Youve been warned.

My friends in a poly relationship. She has a boyfriend, as well as a husband. The husband does not have any other partners, only her.
I found out he had a crush on me. I... Did not return those feelings.

However, i am a sexual being, and if i set my mind. I can usually make shit happen.

I decided, if all lights appeared green, then i was going to have sex with... The friend.
Well... Lights turned green. But not with her. So, what ended up happening was i was trying to drop hints, and was doing so! But she was taking them as hints about him. Not her. In the end she basically told us to go have fun.

I should have asked for clarification. I should have done many things differently.

But i went with what was happening because im weak willed and im good at settling for second best.

So I had sex with her husband. Afterwards, she came out and sat with us, we conversed, she obsessed over my tat then we all went to bed. I Fell asleep on the couch, he went back to bed with her.

Great. Everything looks okay. It didn't even occur to me that thered been a fuck up anywhere.

I wake up, being told i need to leave. So i do.

... shed not been okay with it.

So... Now she hates me, or is just really pissed, i dont know the difference right now. Its been a month though so... Probably the former. Im barred from ever talking to him again. And they almost went down the divorce line. Takes two to tango right?

Just... I dont know. I feel like he's more to blame than i am (he lead, i simply followed. Youd think the guy IN the relationship would know better than i right?) And i feel like she really could have said something before things got too far...

But i also feel like absolute shit because i ruined what could have been an awesome friendship (wed been friends for about 3 months prior) and almost destroyed a really close marriage.

.. what do you think?

(Being brave. No anonymity for me)
+1 y
Shits been resolved. We finally talked it out, and after a bit of thinking I've been forgiven.
I fucked my friends husband. How to make peace with that?
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