How many chances does someone truly deserve?

I know most people say only one or two. But do you believe that someone can mature over time, and truly change? Or will that person always go back to the person they were in the beginning?

Can they really change if they took you for granted multiple times, how many chances should they receive to prove to you that they now mean everything that they say?


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  • I'd say 2 chances. Nobody's perfect, but if it takes you more than 1 big screw up to get the right idea you're either dumb or you don't care that much. People (especially adults) do not change their personality very easily. It often takes years and a great deal of emotional suffering for somebody to make a real change in their personality. There are lots of people out there who are more than willing to take advantage of someone who is too forgiving.


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  • Depends on what they've done.

    For me personally if it falls in the category of "cheating" then they don't deserve any chances. Taking someone like that back says on so many levels, "its okay if you cheat and disrespect me, if you explain yourself enough, I'll take you back."

    No if he or she is being dumb and just plan immature. People do grow and change and if enough time passes their priorities might change. So that deserves one or two chances. That's about it.

  • A person deserves only as many chances as he/she needs to learn a lesson. How much time that takes is determined by you and you alone. If you're not willing to put forth the effort to let them learn, or if they've taken too long (in your opinion), it's probably best to stop giving chances. Don't even bother with giving chances if it isn't anything that can be changed. If it can't be easily changed, though, then it's your decision as to whether or not to give that person a chance (or many chances).


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