My nudes = ruin my future military career?

So I broke up with this guy a while ago. He was immature and I let him down nicely but he ended up getting pissed. (For immature reasons) so I stopped talking to him. We literally hung out twice. Anyway I did send him some nude pictures because I trusted him at the time (we hung out twice but I've known him since high school) and so it was just a fun fling over text.

Just today some guy named Micah added me on Snapchat and he got pissed when I said no thanks I'm not interested in hanging out. He said "oh well I have your nudes anyways" and described them. I'm soooo pissed. Don't give me a speech about "oh you shouldn't have sent them" because I'm not the only one okay.

I honestly don't even give a shit and I don't know if he'd do anything with them he seems like a lowlife. I'm just worried if anything HAPPENED it would affect my military career. Like isn't leaking nude pics illegal? Help me out please
My nudes = ruin my future military career?
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