Why am I so paranoid about him breaking up with me when there is no indication that he will?

Okay, so I've officailly been dating this guy a month, and unofficially dating almost 2 months. I'm 20 and he is 23.

He makes me really happy, we talk every day, he's amazing and really good to me.

The past couple days, I don't know if its just because I've been stressed but I keep feeling on edge that he's going to break up with me. We haven't fought or anything, and I can't think of anything in particular that would cause a breakup anyways.

But like, today, for example,he wasn't very talkative in text. I saw him on Tuesday night, but I still miss him so I told him that, and he just said 'miss you too,"

Its silly and I know it. I don't project these fears onto him, so he has no idea that I'm thinking this, and I most certainly don't over text him to compensate.

I would just like advice from anyone who has been through this and can tell me how to get over it?


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  • Hey!

    I know how you feel, to be honest I've always had bad luck when it comes to guys! So have you in the past? Maybe its because you've not had the best experience with previous relationships etc .. But I'm the same and let me tell you, STOP! Really just STOP thinking this, I do it with every lad, I feel as though I'm not good enough, I pick up on stupid things and read too much into situations, all because I'm paranoid and the reason being is because of past relationships! Saying that I've never been with guy's properly somehow it never works out and I just end up hurt, so from all of this I'm always worried every guy will just go off me and therefore I build this stupid wall to protect myself from getting hurt.. By doing this I block out the guy, but it's not good at all and they notice this. The problem seems to be you have no self esteem, no confidence? I don't know but you should because guys don't like when us girls say this and believe me I've learnt from the past, I think they find it off putting. They don't want the mider, a relationship should be fun and exciting especially because you haven't been together that long! SO STOP THINKING THIS, seriously before you mention it to him because once you have got this in your head it won't stop, believe in yourself! Be yourself with him, be the girl he fell for :) Don't feel on edge and act differently around him now, because he will notice .. please just take this advice, believe in yourself ! He clearly likes you to be with you, so stop being paranoid I know it's hard but I'm the same, if there is a slight change in his attitude towards me I'm quick to react and we shouldn't be like this ! Hope this has helped :)

    • Thank you, and I must say, you are so mature for your age. Its refreshing. I have an anxiety disorder too, so I can pick up on when I'm being irrational, and I hide it from him. I try not to act differently in front of him, and I kinda try to brush it off, but its mainly frustrating to live in my own head sometimes haha.

    • Aww well thanks :) and oh really, well yeah exactly you can't help feeling this way! Just try to focus on good times and ignore what you think and feel! You should over come this in no time at all :) Well it's good you don't act differently and brush it off least you realize when your picking up on what he does! You'll be fine, just have some confidence I am sure your relationship will be great and last as long as you want it too :)

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  • Lindsay, is this you? If this is you, I never wanted to break up with you. I guess you know this already since you broke up with me. I just wanna be with you again.

    • Dude, it isn't lyndsay, Its Kelly, you don't know me, this guy broke up with me back in May.

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