Why did my ex send this angry message?

My ex and I have been broken up for about a month. Two weeks ago she gave me some closure by explaining why we broke up. We go to the same college (small campus) and we see each other a lot. I saw her at the bar with another guy and we locked eyes which was awful. I masked my feelings by pointing and laughing while she looked guilty and ashamed. Ever since then I have been avoiding her like the plaque. I have only seen her at a distance and the same goes for her. After a week of this I got a text from her 3 am on Thursday night (most likely drunk)

"I'd just like you to know something. I'm so tired of you immature $hit. Everyday I wake up to something new. First you're too immature to say hi in person then its facebook and then its deleting every single evidence of us existing on facebook or even trying to have some type of real friendship (I can see you and Lauren are very happy as friends now) and I just want you to know I don't want you calling me in a few weeks I don't want to be friends with you I just hope you go away just like you've tried so hard to make me go away. I'm sorry you are so bitter about everything but I hope you are happy with the way you've dealt with things after."

It came out of no where. I still love the girl but she has no idea how hard it has been on me. The break up was her idea and she did it because she felt like she was forcing the relationship and was no longer willing to sacrifice time for me. I asked her to leave me alone a couple of times because its the only way we could become friends/me get over it. Lauren and I never hang out but my ex gets jealous because she use to be my best friend before my ex. What does this text mean? Should I contact her or just keep ignoring her?

Since my ex admitted she was having second thoughts about the break up I've only seen her once. It was an awkward conversation which neither of us brought up the relationship. Its been two weeks since I asked her out and one week since I last saw her.
I think that the no contact is either a sign she is moving on without me or she is still confused. Either way it sucks. Any thoughts?


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  • She's crazy, trust me if a girl wants you she will have you. You can do better than a crazy girl, just because you break up with someone doesn't mean that you can't be friends, and if you can't it doesn't mean that you have to be rude. I'm more than sure she just misses your attention and hasn't found anyone to fill the "void" that she is feeling. For her to have been your girlfriend she knows nothing about you, you would think by all of the time you spent together she would understand your feelings, but that jsut goes to show that she is selfish, and your relationship wasn't strong to begin with. Please spend more time with Other women.


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  • Sounds a bit immature to me. Let her go. It's hard, but it's something that has to be done. She shouldn't even be treating you the way she is. Seems like it's out of spite.

    The only thing that you can really do is be a friendly stranger when you see her since you two go to the same school. Plus, ignoring is better to let the heart heal. By you talking to her, you start the healing process all over again. So...take time to yourself. You'll talk to her again when you're ready because you obviously weren't when she talked to you and vice versa. Or maybe you'll never talk again. Some people just learn to live without each other.

    Belive me, I would know that. Almost eight months of no talking or seeing my ex. I feel SO much better.

  • You need to be real with her and tell her how you feel. For god's sake show emotion, that's why she ended it she could sense it would end in a heart break for her and she wanted a little control over her pain. When a girl feels like she may get hurt in a situation its better the hurt yourself by ending it then having the guy end it and be filled with questions. She still likes or she wouldn't be so hurt by your actions. She clearly took the facebook thing personal if she brought it up. I doubt she was drunk because I've said things like her out of pure pain and emotional distress. She's not crazy.

    • The thing is every time I show emotion she backs away. I have no idea what she wants. I'm afraid to talk to her and open up because she'll say "I can't put it any clearer its over." I think she wants my attention but does not want me as a boyfriend. Which right now I just cannot do. Like I said we didn't break up because I didn't show emotion but because she felt like she was forcing it.

    • I took your advice and I went up to talk to her. She brought up the relationship and you were right about the text message although she was drunk she did mean every word. She admitted she was having second thoughts about breaking up and that she thought things were fixable. I opened up to her and told her everything that I was going through. We ended up kissing and I asked her out but she said she would think about it. I haven't heard from her but why is it when I show affection she backs away?

    • I'm glad I could help a little. Not all girls are comfortable with affection for many reasons; body image issues, fear of becoming too attached and vulnerable etc. That would be another question to ask her. You can never ask enough questions to a girl. They appreciate you asking rather than assuming.. Good luck!

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  • Well, I'm not gonna lie your behavior was immature. Laughing and pointing at her wasn't the best thing for your to do, to make the situation better.

    On that note, she walked away from you and you should just move on. Don't reach out to her, don't respond to her and definitely stop laughing and pointing at her. When you do see her be the "mature" person and wave or say hello. You can only control what you do, not what she does. So if you want her to respect you and the past relationship, put your feelings aside and act like a good ex boyfriend and let her go with class.


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