I need to beat a guy... But how?

Fellow girls, I need your help please...

I'm really into my tae kwon do & kick-boxing and have been entered into a competition by my trainer, but I've only just found out that it's a competition for guys AND girls and I'm going to be competing against a guy!

The competition is fairly soon, so I don't want to let my trainer down, as I get on with her really well.

The rules of the competition are new to me too, in that no padding or protection can be worn (i.e. head guards or cups for guys etc) and strikes (i.e. punches, knees & kicks) count anywhere, so that both competitors can strike anywhere on the body as hard as they want.

I'm OK to compete, but I need to know...

What is the best and quickest way for a girl to beat a guy under these rules?

I asked my trainer and she said to try and kick him in the balls as hard as I possibly could... Would you do that?

Girls... What would you do?


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  • A swift kick to the balls.

    • Yeah, that's just what my trainer said... Is that what you would do in my position? lol

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    • They probably thought you did what you needed to do to win. And hoped the man would recover just fine.

    • Yeah, I think those watching that were wanting me to win were celebrating like me, but those that were watching as neutrals probably enjoyed the competition as a whole, but perhaps found it a bit cringing and unpleasant to see and hear a guy on the floor right in front of them in that state, but I guess it was always a possibility! Ok, well thanks again for all your replies to my posts! :o)

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What Guys Said 5

  • Just to let you know, I would have ZERO respect for a fighter that won by a kick to the balls

  • Yeah a kick in the balls as hard as you can would work.
    And more do with the sports you do. I assume you haven’t kicked a guy in the balls yet? Lol

    I’m a guy and hope my reply is ok

  • Practice on other guys

  • Do not kick him in the balls. It is just a competition, there is no reason to jeopardize his ability to have kids in the future.

    Honestly your trainer sounds like a total bitch, and the fact that she is advocating something like that is unthinkable.

  • ummm... martial arts is a lot about honor and respect, and kicking someone in the balls is not honorable... you can go ahead and do it, but I doubt anyone would respect you as a fighter ever again.


What Girls Said 2

  • This is a troll. It's the dude who kept posting about wanting girls to kick him in the balls now posing as a girl.

    I recant my answer as to not feed fuel to the fire that is this creep.

    • Woah, no I'm not... As I said in my other question, I don't know of this 'guy' and again I can't imagine any guy would want that doing to them anyway!

  • he can die like that! find another spot :D

    • I didn't realize it could be that bad! My trainer thinks that tactically I should try to tire him out by fighting defensively and wait for the opportunity if he leaves himself open, then run up and kick him in the balls as hard as I possibly can! I suppose I could try other things first and only do that if he's winning or the opportunity just presents itself... lol

    • lol

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