I need to beat a guy... But how?

Fellow girls, I need your help please...

I'm really into my tae kwon do & kick-boxing and have been entered into a competition by my trainer, but I've only just found out that it's a competition for guys AND girls and I'm going to be competing against a guy!

The competition is fairly soon, so I don't want to let my trainer down, as I get on with her really well.

The rules of the competition are new to me too, in that no padding or protection can be worn (i.e. head guards or cups for guys etc) and strikes (i.e. punches, knees & kicks) count anywhere, so that both competitors can strike anywhere on the body as hard as they want.

I'm OK to compete, but I need to know...

What is the best and quickest way for a girl to beat a guy under these rules?

I asked my trainer and she said to try and kick him in the balls as hard as I possibly could... Would you do that?

Girls... What would you do?
I need to beat a guy... But how?
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