How do you beat the competition from other guys?

Every time I find a girl I like, its never a fail that she is already taken or there is another guy going after her at the same time. I have never had a girlfriend so I always think he is better than me, usually.

Sometimes, I think I'm better, but I still end up losing to him. I have tons to offer a girl, usually more than these d bags. So how do I show her I'm the better choice?


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  • I know its not about standing out exactly...if someone likes you and connects with you the other stuff won't matter. yea suuure we would like a guy who can cook, dance or whatever seems really unique but I don't necassarily think you should change you're interest, hobbies, activities, or you're personality to put on a fake persona (also I'm not trying to say you're trying to be fake or change yourself...just something to think about) Let people like you for who you are (I know ha ha it sounds clicheish!)...all you have to do is show them your best in your own style and being the best Humorous, serious, caring, romantic or deep guy...whatever guy you are. you can't let other peoples styles, personality put you're own self her what YOU got to offer...I don't know what that have to figure that out for yourself. if you need more could try being more romantic then the other guys. I agree with Biannnnn, write a song or poem...thats just want to stand out by showing much you care.


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  • Well you have to stand out. You have to have something that she wants. I'm not saying change yourself or style. Just look at other guys and become better then they are. First impression is very important. So always make sure your lookin GOOD. Maybe its the kind of girls your fallin for. By the way girls... we love a confident guy that knows what he wants. Always be yourself and do something romantic for her, like write her a poem or a song. It doesn't have to be big, just as long as you show her how much you really care.

  • To begin with,you can't give up.If you really like the girl,you can't give up on her,even if she friend zones you.To begin with,start with being really good friends with her.Show that she can trust you,and rely on you too.Little things like casual compliments can be good also.Spend time with her,but don't be obsessively joined at the hip,because it could become creepy.Get to know her likes and dislikes,and show that you remember those and thatyou genuinely care for her,don't tell her how much you like her at first,but show little signs.Hope this helps,and good luck!


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