Has it ever happened to anyone to be the rebound girl/guy, to get dumped but later get back with the ex ?

Like, the dumpee-rebound girl/guy becomes the official girlfriend/boyfriend of the person who ditched them. Id just like to read some nice happy ending stories about dumpees or/and rebound people.


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  • based on what people are saying... rebounds don't last that long however my situation is different

    I was the bad guy and my girl broke up with me and right there and then she immediately replaced me for a friend of hers whom is a nice and good person... I guess you can count their story as a happy ending... though my ex tells me that she prays that she has made a mistake on breaking up with me and not turning back to me...

    Well I guess that's one happy ending for rebound lover...

    my prayers for them


What Girls Said 1

  • If you know someone has just come out of a recent relationship and you put yourself in the position of being a 'rebound' then YOU put yourself in a very unstable situation. You might think this person is totally into you and its going really well...few months down the line the cracks will form.

    In most cases you are being used so they can 'get over' or convince themselves that leaving their ex was the right choice.

    I only know ONE story and I wouldn't call it a success of a friend where he dumped his long term girlfriend of four years who gave him everything but he took it for granted and wanted to see if the grass is greener and got with a 'rebound' they lasted for six months then he dumped her realising he made the biggest mistake of his life and was still in love with his ex.

    He dumped the rebound told his ex he still loved her but she had moved on. He then got back with the 'rebound' they lasted a few more months then split again only to get back together.

    Its been two years and everyday he thinks about the girl he lost and is just trying to make this relationship work with the 'rebound' because he made his bed and knows he has got to sleep in it. Everyday for them is a struggle and I don't see it lasting, neither does he, he loves her but isn't in love with her and says she will never be the person his ex was. It was the worst mistake of his life and he broke his own heart.

    Never be a rebound, you WILL get hurt its inevitable. People have to grieve when leaving a relationship and jumping straight into another one is not a good idea. In the long term it will probably be one big regret.

    • Thanks heaps for your answer. I did not know I was the rebound .. and by the way, up to this day I'm still unsure about it. I might have been a rebound just like I might have not been :s

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