Rebound relationship with no sex?

Is there such a thing as a male using a female as a rebound without the sex? Is that still considered a "rebound"?

I met a guy 2 months after his prev long term relationship ended. We started hanging out and talking via phone/text/email. All very casual but as time went by he started showing all the signals of being "interested" (daily communication, body language, picking up the tab, invites to events or dinner, introducing me to his friends, etc). So I boldly told him that I had a crush on him one night we were out together and he said he was attracted to me but he wasn't ready for a relationship nor was he interested in FWB. I still speak to him daily and we've become close friends but the hanging out has decreased a lot. Neither of us have ever brought up the topic again, we never talk about other people, but he still shows interest and keeps me posted on his life, what he's up to, etc so I'm confused.

Was I just a rebound without the sex? This has never happened to me with any other guy I've dated. Can anyone shed some light?

I agree staying friends with him is key right now...but if we continue this 'friendship', wouldn't he only see me as a friend after time? do guys get over attraction or crushes or once attracted, always attracted?


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  • Sounds like he just wants a friendship and likes having a female's attn. I would keep it on the friend level, he may be interested but only when he is ready. It could be that it is a rebound but friendship is important here so keep that going. Sometimes the best relationships grow out of friendship, but don't slow your dating life down for him. Be fair to yourself too! Good luck!

    • "only when he's ready" <--agreed! and definitely all is being kept on the friend level.....but don't guys get over an attraction or a crush after some time? If we continue this 'friendship', wouldn't he only see me as a friend after time? just curious. Oh and I'm still dating no doubt!

    • I have been in a friendship like this for years, we did date and he agrees w/me that we are soul mates but our timing has always been horrible. It's wonderful to have, he gets jealous a lot but I can ask him ANYTHING which is awesome. In the end when our kids are grown it will still be us no matter who comes and goes from our lives and maybe someday we will get the right timing but male friends are special. I would hold onto him and maybe just ask, you never know:) Doesn't timing stink?

    • Timing definitely does stink but I agree with you that male friends are just wonderful. This one in particular is a gem. I guess that's why I want to keep him forever and never let him go. Who knows what the future holds meanwhile I will enjoy my time with him. He's really is special.

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