What does it mean when guys just let the conversation drop?

Sometimes when I text my crush, we have a pretty good conversation. Then I say something that isn't too interesting, and he doesn't text back after that.

If he liked me back, would he try and revive the conversation? Or would anyone just let it drop at that point, without saying good-bye or anything?

(For the record: when we're together he's pretty flirty, but when we're texting he really isn't.)


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  • he probably just doesn't know what to say and he wants to keep talking so he doesn't say bye... I'm sure he does like you

    • But I texted him last and he didn't respond. So doesn't that mean he DOESN'T want to keep talking?...so confused...

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    • yeah.. that's one of those things he can't really respond to... maybe he could say thx... idk, or if it was something he's embarrased or sad about maybe he just didn't want to talk about that

    • Oh ha ha the text didn't really have to do with him. Maybe that's why. Thanks!

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  • If I don't have anything important to add, I drop the conversation. No point just making inane small talk, even if it's with a chick I like.

  • A lot of guys tend to do this to keep girls interested in them. You don't want to sound to easy because then the girl will just lose intrest in you.


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