Do you ever contact your ex out of loneliness/boredom?

I've been told that girls do this a lot when they are lonely/bored but why go to an ex and not your friends?

It has been 2 month since I spoke to my ex and she text me recently. I did respond and we texted for a few hours. Since then I have heard nothing so I guess she got her fix. But why do it?

I usually feel worse after speaking to an ex as it makes me miss them but for some reason it seems to be the other way round for girls?


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  • i actually just did this. my ex broke up with me and told me to leave him the hell alone. I did for 3 wks but just this morning I called him. it wasn't because I was lonely or bored, its because I wanted to let him know that I was still thinking of him because I want to be with hiim and because I love him. could it be that she texted you because maybe she misses you and wants to be with you again? it couldve been her way of opening the door for contact and maybe now she's waiting for you to text/call her first. it doesn't always have to be from loneliness or boredom.

    • I don't know, I guess it could be something more but after 2 months of NC I don't know what to think. I guess I just don't know what she's thinking anymore!

    • unfortunately, the only way to know what she's thinking is to ask her and hope she tells you. If you still have feelings for her, don't let her go that easy. Try to work it out. Trust me...I'm devasted that I ruined my chances with my ex. you DON'T want to go through life wondering what if.

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  • yeah.. sadly I have a bunch of times.. I don't go to my friends because I have never been as close to them, as I was my ex. I don't exactly know if it's because I still have feelings for him.. or I just miss having someone to talk to all the time, and having the comfortable feeling (since we knew each other very well).. I don't know.. but a could days after I do it, I feel stupid for a couple minutes and convince myself that it was the wrong thing to do.. because he's proably thinking the same thing you are thinking right now ahah.

    • yeah its confusing and it hasn't helped matters as it brought up old feelings I had for her. I guess she'll get the message if I don't reply next time!

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  • Nope. They are exes for a reason.

  • because they are heartless! my ex does the same thing but usually its like hey come over, sleep with me for a couple of days then I won't talk to you for a few months... I wish I could get a curable std just to give it to her haha

    • but doesn't that mess your head up all over? I don't think I could even go back again?

    • It always does... but she finds a way to text me when I bored and want a lay so I give in

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