Ex boyfriend told me that he missed me as a friend?

My ex boyfriend whose still my friend told me yesterday that he " missed me... As a friend"? Other than the obvious answer that he misses me as a friend. Does it have deeper meaning?


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  • It means he misses you. Him saying "as a friend" was some sort of attempt to make you not freak out and think that he meant he misses you as a girlfriend or sexually, or whatever.
    But he probably does miss more than just "as a friend".

    • He has a girlfriend now and she's long distance but we talk a ll the time now and that's because after he said he missed me as a friend he was also all like y don't we talk more? I'm just so confused. Can he mean he misses more even if he has a gf? When we were

      together, he said he'd never loved anyone more than he loved me

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    • She was a 5 day after the break

      up rebound! Suchs for her but not so much for me. She's a year younger than me and him

    • Yeah, their relationship or whatever they have probably isn't going to last very long.

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  • How many times do I have to say this on this site. How should we know? It could be anything really. If you truly want to know you have to ask him yourself because only him know what he truly meant.

    • You shouldn't be so rude. I nevr said you HAD to comment and be rude.

    • Im not rude. I'm blunt. And anything we say here will only complicate things for you so what's the point?

  • He's asking you if you can be friends...maybe that's just as an opening, maybe he means that's all he would want?


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  • not really. it's OK to be friends with someone you dated


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