My ex girlfriend is hanging out with another guy?

My Girlfriend and I recently broke up because she was tired of the let downs and promises I made to her. She said she was tired that I never changed . She said I was a controlling boyfriend in a way were I would text her to much and get jealous . For example , Yes I do admit I would text her a lot but only because I love talking to her and care so much for her , and I would ask what she was doing and with who.. And for the jealous part I would get upset when she would talk to other guys then after awhile I settle down and got better. I didn't like when she still talked to her ex boyfriend once and awhile. I treated her with lots of respect, always been faithful to her, and I gave her everything I would literally drop everything for her . A couple days after the break up I found out she started hanging out with her ex boyfriend and I asked her why she did it and she was like I needed someone to hang out with and she said that they have been good friends . I talked to her to work things out but she doesn't believe me that I will change even though I really do mean it this time after seeing her hang out with that guy it really made me realize and I want to with all of my heart. My Girlfriend and I have been together for a 1yr and 5months.

So my question is what should I do? Should I worry about the guy she says she's not interested in him just see him as friends?

I know she loves me a lot we have had lots of great memories together and I know she's the one I don't want to loose her

When we were together she always told me She saw us and future together
My ex girlfriend is hanging out with another guy?
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