My ex girlfriend is hanging out with another guy?

My Girlfriend and I recently broke up because she was tired of the let downs and promises I made to her. She said she was tired that I never changed . She said I was a controlling boyfriend in a way were I would text her to much and get jealous . For example , Yes I do admit I would text her a lot but only because I love talking to her and care so much for her , and I would ask what she was doing and with who.. And for the jealous part I would get upset when she would talk to other guys then after awhile I settle down and got better. I didn't like when she still talked to her ex boyfriend once and awhile. I treated her with lots of respect, always been faithful to her, and I gave her everything I would literally drop everything for her . A couple days after the break up I found out she started hanging out with her ex boyfriend and I asked her why she did it and she was like I needed someone to hang out with and she said that they have been good friends . I talked to her to work things out but she doesn't believe me that I will change even though I really do mean it this time after seeing her hang out with that guy it really made me realize and I want to with all of my heart. My Girlfriend and I have been together for a 1yr and 5months.

So my question is what should I do? Should I worry about the guy she says she's not interested in him just see him as friends?

I know she loves me a lot we have had lots of great memories together and I know she's the one I don't want to loose her

When we were together she always told me She saw us and future together


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  • honestly I think she broke up with you because of her ex boyfriend.. I mean if she needed someone to hang out with-out of everyone in the world why would she chose her ex boyfriend? I know how it boyfriend dumped me after that long too and 3 weeks later he went out with this girl he knew for a while. in my case he was over me before he actually dumped me..and I think this might be the same in your case too.

    • I think so also Just think its dumb.. Like I believe I was a good boyfriend and not controlling . Yea I would text her a lot but its because I love textin her and care for her like what she was doin and everythin. and as far for bein jealousy I was very bad and beginning got to point were I didn't allow her talk to any guys but I chilled over time and said its kwel talk to guys but just as friends as long doesn't flirt or talk to ex.. I dropped everythin for her gave her the world, love, faithful and honest

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  • Dude, I actually feel very bad for you. You got tricked and dumped by a girl who fell in love an ex and she turned the cards on you and made you believe that it's YOUR fault and not hers.

    You texted her and worried about her and felt jealous because you LOVED her. And no matter how imperfect you could possibly be you treated like her a princess. And now she treats you like a doormat man. She wipes her feet and walks away.

    I am actually disappointed you even have any respect for this girl. She is not even taking the bait and you have fallen so low for her, and she is not even worth your love. If she TRULY loved you dude, she would never go leaping into her exes arms RIGHT after she dumped you.

    Here's what ACTUALLY happened: She was cheating on that guy before and decided to throw you off and pop onto him. You probably would not want to hear this but whether you like it or not, if a girl hooks up with a guy THAT soon after a breakup cheating is exactly what it was.

    If you have any respect in yourself you did NOT throw at her feet, I will STRONGLY urge you to wipe the dust, get on your feet and move on. Don't ever look back. You will have far better girls in life then here, trust me. You are a passionate and honest lover and you deserve WAY better.

    And please PLEASE, don't even LOOK at her again. She played with you, expel her from your life. Don't even sit where people are talking about, don't ever reply to her, don't sit near her. Pretend she doesn't exist. Don't even try to make her jealous. She will probably cheat on her current boyfriend too.

    What I am TRYING to inject in your mind is that she was NOT the lover you think of her as. Many people like her are so low and fallen they turn it on you as if YOU have issues and not them. And it's sad you fell for it. Take a brotherly advise, do yourself a favor. You have a WAY better future ahead. If I were you I'd be thankful I got to know what she really was before it was too late.

    Move on. Good luck

    -Ali Mahad

    • Wow ! I think you might be right bro ... So another words she's loosing out and not me right ... it sucks because we shared a special intimatcy .. She told me that she love me a lot and that she was always faithful to me during our relationship .. It stinks because I gave her all of my heart and I had her email and fb pw and I never noticed her talkin to her ex. except once but that's because he sent her a message it was short

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