Why does my ex keep bothering me when he has a girlfriend?

Me and my ex broke up 5 months ago. We dated for 6 years. I spent two years doing the whole long distance and that just put the fuel in the fire. Two months after we broke up he started dating this new girl so they have only been dating for 3 months. The first 1.5 months of them dating he would contact me...send me nice little messages. I guess trying to butter me up or something...then he started calling me...everytime we talked he'd talk and complain about her. He would talk about her like crap and acted like she was the worst thing that could ever happen to her. He would give me little gifts...It made me feel good I'm not even going to lie. And my stupid self slept with him twice...so he basically cheated on her twice with me the first 1.5 month of their relationship...one day I had a wake up call. What was I doing? I told him to leave me alone and that I needed to move on. He said he understood...that was over a month ago. Since then he has contacted me at least once or twice a week. At first I was replying to him hatefully...because I felt used...and manipulated...but then I got over that and now I ignore him...whenever he contacts me I don't even answer it. Yesterday he sent me 2 messages. one was wishing me an early bday...my bday is in 3 weeks! wth is wrong with him? talking about "I know you still hate me but..." No I don't hate him at all...I nothing him...Why won't leave me alone? He has his perfect established girlfriend now...whom he just came from a cruise with...I kissed his ass for love and approval and gave him 150% throughout our WHOLE relationship!...and ever after we broke up!. Everything he told me to do I did it! And the last times he broke up with me I was always there when he needed me! and was there when he decided to come back! He should be happy with his new gf! He shouldn't even be trying to tell me that my favorite show is back on (He sent me a message just to tell me that)...he can't even go a month without contacting me...Im just in awe that I ignore him and he acts like we are cool...like he is talking to an imaginary person...is he crazy or something?


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  • Well from the question you have asked it seems like he wants you back!

    He probably is missing those days he had with you and wants to get back as soon as possible.

    When you said he had a girlfriend that can be three possibilites 1) the guy is trying to keep tabs on you to see how you are doing and comparing his love life to yours 2) He probably wants to rebound because he rushed into this other relationship straight after you two finished. 3) He might want to lead you on to get hurt.

    Well from my experience a girl that I'm with now has done this to me it is annoying but just ignore him there is definately a reason why he's doing it.

    If he is boasting about his new girlfriend to you trying to show that he is over you. Well you know what he's obviously not over you

    Just ignore it.

    And you do need to stop being too nice people will take advantage of you


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  • He is using you and being cruel. By venting to you about his girlfriend he accomplishes three things: he is able to vent to someone; he is able to string you along and give you false hope; and he is able to keep in contact with you for sex.

    Just ignore him.


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  • Wow, how did you date this guy for 6 years? It sounds like you're over him already, what is your secret because I only dated mine for a year and a half and I can't get over him...


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