My ex girlfriend's best friend talked to me tonight on facebook?

OK so my ex girlfriend's best friend talked to me tonight on facebook. We never really talked much even when I was dating my ex. Its been 3 months since me and her split up, I moved on awhile ago. This girl came on to tell me that she had met with my ex, and that she was over me. Uhm... OK? I was over her awhile ago... we split up because she got controlling, and then into cocaine. I found this weird. Female insight?

Oh and by the way, same ex circled my house 4 times the other night...

Btw me and the ex didn't split on good terms... at all. I called a break because she was getting jealous and controlling to the point where I had begun to lose my social life, and she pulled a ton of high school drama. Rumors, bad talking me, etc


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  • did you ask her frnd whether your ex was over you or not?

    if you didn't then then maybe your ex had asked her frnd to tell you this so that you don't think that she is crying over you that she can boost her own ego a little. or maybe her frnd doesn't know how to talk to someone after a long time... any one of the two.

    who knows? and why do you care...

    • I just thought it was wierd. I didn't ask her, she just came online and said "I met with her, she's totally over you" and I was like "Hey! Long time no talk lol". And then she just tried to get into how over me she was, and got mad when I showed I didn't care. So I found this wierd.

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    • i know... very immature. just ignore it

    • Yea she makes a show of it with all of my friends. Its been weird lol.

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  • i would say either this girl who is texting you LIKES you, or it could be the best friends just saying dumb crap via the internet to make you mad and jealous. who knows? if you want to stay on good terms with your ex I would ignore her.

    • Me and the ex have not been on good terms since the split, she hates me, started a ton of rumors after the split, bad talked me to mutual friends, tried to get all my female friends she was always getting jealous of to hate me...It wasn't a pretty breakup at all. We have been no contact for 2 months pretty much for the fact that she seems to hate me.

  • I think she thinks you were stalking her? Thus the checking up on you.

    • Ok... well I went to work out of town and then to europe after we split. Why would she think I was stalking her?

    • Well not stalking her but checking up on her maybe. Its the only reason I can think of that she would want you to know she is over you and that she would be checking up on you, unless the drugs made her crazy

    • Well Idk. It was a weird break up, and relationship. Best friends for 2 years, then dated 8 months. She got into coke the day after we split. Heavy. She texted me at 4 am looking for it a few times, and she got into some bad situations with some bad peaople, and talked to me for a bit after the split when she was having rough days. Then she started hating me. We haven't talked in 2 months unless it was her sending me 8 angry texts in a row. I was cool with friends. Idk.

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