Did my best friend friendzoned me or is she confused on her feelings right now?

I'm a guy and my best friend is a girl. We are both in our 20s, different colleges but same work place. We do lots of things together. The thing is, I've falling in love with her, my best friend. Her response is she doesn't see us dating but yet she loves my personality. She fights back at me to stay in her life because of her reasons. These are the answers I got from her when I asked why she wants me around.
1) She said I care for her more than others
2) She loves my personality
3) I am willing to fight for what I want
4) I go out my way to make time for her
But the thing is, she have given strangers chances to date her and when I asked she said no. I'm very confused. What is the reason why she said no? A little story to sum things up. She had an ex who used her for sex and I told her. She didn't believe me and then she believed me after a couple months and broke things off with him. She then met a kid in school and he broke up with her because he though she was self centered. That was painful for her but I was there to get that closure. Then she started to see another kid. He broke things off one month because the distance was too much he said. She was okay with that break up because I told her to take it easy on him just in case. But aside from that history, I decided to step in and asked for a chance and she said no. The 3 reasons i mentioned on top were the answers I got when I asked why she doesn't want me to leave her when she doesn't see us dating and I want to. I asked her if she friendzoned me and she said not completely. I'm 50%. I'm sitting on a fence. That fence was put up because of what her first and second ex did. Should I stick around and continue to be her friend and in hopes she will date me, or should I leave because I'm wasting time? What can I do? Will she come around to see that I'm worth the date? I want advice on what to do, but I want to know did I get friendzoned? Is there a possibility that she will date later in life?
Did my best friend friendzoned me or is she confused on her feelings right now?
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