Ex wants me to be her friend, and gets upset when I don't talk to her...

I knew my ex for about a year before we became official, and actually let people know that we were together. Before this we were really close friends, as close to best friends as a guy and girl can be. We know everything about each other, and often spent hours on end just talking about anything and everything.

Anyway, we were dating for about 2 months until she decided that her feelings for me had gone away or something, I don't understand it. She told me she just didn't feel like there was potential for anything more, whatever. When I talked to her about everything she said that she wanted to be friends and hang out still, just nothing more than that. And I told her straight up "I don't know if I can do that anymore." Its just too much of a step backwards for me, too far from how I feel about her to be just her friend.

For the first week after we broke it off, I avoided talking to her and seeing her, not to be mean, just for myself to get over her. The passing "Hi" around campus was all the interaction I had with her. Then the next weekend I saw her at a party just said Hi to her and went back to hanging out with a couple of my buddies. About 5 minutes later I noticed she was crying and talking to her friend. I still care about her and hate to see her cry, so I met up with her a little later and talked to her about it. She told me that she understood why, but it still bothered her that I was ignoring her. She wants to go back to when we were best friends, and could just hang out together all the time.

No matter what I do I can't stop thinking about her. I want to be with her, more than anything, but if she doesn't want that, then what can I do? I can't be her friend because if I'm around her I'm going to want more. But I care about her too much to let her be upset and crying because of me. Does anyone have advice for what I should do, or how to get over her?
Ex wants me to be her friend, and gets upset when I don't talk to her...
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