My ex was snapping girls in front of me?

Basically I drunk texted my ex, we had sex and I woke up to him snapping girls in front of me giving them compliments. He was like do u need to go home? He went from saying we were soulmates to now using me as a bootycall. He thinks I’m a hoe and cheater and he’s like I view u differently but it hurts so fucking bad, like I’m a pretty hot girl I model, guys would love to date me and I feel so degraded and I feel like he’s trying to get revenge on me. I had actual real feelings and it’s so fucked up. Now I feel like i fell out of love with him cause I’m soooo hurt he’s texting me saying maybe we can fix us, but I’m so hurt he could even consider me a booty call after everything we’ve ever been through. Like he thinks I faked this relationship but I didn’t, part of me wants to be like bye go have ur snap girls, but then another part of me wants to go back to what we have im so torn. Im so hurt I’m so fucking hurt but I’m scared if I date someone else I won’t feel the connection I felt when we were together. Like he snapped them while I was lying next to him and was like you should go soon. It was the worst pain of my life this guy said he’d never use me he convinced me to take him back said we were meant for each other and now he views me differently but now I view him differently. I feel pathetic if I give him a chance after that but I miss what we had so bad, we had such a strong connection, but then all these really nice guys want to date me What do I do?
My ex was snapping girls in front of me?
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