Two options: to get revenge or not?

So he beat me, gaslit me, what have you...{insert EXTREME sob story here}. Then he comes crawling back violating the no contact order. This fool put me on blast on Facebook like a highschool girl (I deactivated mine to resist the temptation), he tried to sell his lies in court (he forgot about screenshots lol), and then he gets caught talking to me and reported so he says, "put a gun in your mouth because it will solve all our problems." Now I have a choice: A) I cooperate with the D. D. A. and volunteer further evidence. This will result in him going to county for 30 days, losing his job, and getting a felony assault IV on his permanent record. Or B) take the high road, stay out of it, and hope Karma gets him in the end. Gotta tell ya, I'm a high road person and the older I get the more I feel like Karma is a myth and most "bad" people don't actually get what they deserve in the end. Thoughts?
Two options: to get revenge or not?
10 mo
I had forgotten that in empowering myself by holding him accountable, I can help other victims to seek to regain their own power, and save other potential victims from suffering the same fate. Through tears I want to thank all of you for your support and the unanimity of your responses, you all clearly have big hearts❤️💜
Two options: to get revenge or not?
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