My ex’s new girlfriend messaged me?

I haven’t dated my ex in almost 2 years. & I dumped him. She messaged me out of nowhere today on Facebook, I don’t have her as friend on Facebook & I don’t know her. She asked if I dated her boyfriend and I said yes & she asked me if I liked him. I said no and she said “good because he’s my fiancée and I don’t want anyone else liking my man” & I told her I don’t want him and that I dumped him for a reason and she kept asking what reason that was & she told me to stay away from him & to not talk to him if I see him in public. She just kept going on & on. I’ve never had a problem with her until now. After I quit responding to her & shut her down she blocked me. Why would she message me about this? I don’t care and I don’t really understand this kind of behavior or the point in it. I’m happy with someone else.
My ex’s new girlfriend messaged me?
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