Is it evil of me to break up with my ex through text and then immediately cut off all contact?

Please read my story... My ex boyfriend was very mean to me at times and would lash out on me. Like one time I was really scared and I was home alone at night. I texted him because he was awake at like 3am in the morning and he lased out on me and told me to get help because it's not normal for me to be scared at night.
He said that I was acting like a child and that it's non of his problem that I felt scared and I shouldn't even bother him about stuff like that. It really hurt me a lot to have him text me those things and he was actually furious about it. It hurt so much because I was already scared and only texted him for comfort and he basically bullied me and made me feel really bad about confiding in him.

He also was the one who took away my virginity. Many guys before him tried to date me but I never fully opened up to anyone like I did to him and he was mean to me on that day too and it was my birthday. I didn't want to rush into sex but he did and he didn't make me feel special. He was just doing it for himself and he was rushing it. He was kinda rude to me later on and we hang out for a while but he got in a huge fight with me in my birthday over something really petty we argued about... he took my virginity that day and when we left the hotel we stayed at he didn't hug me or kiss me because he was mad about our argument. I apologized to him like 3 times and he was still mad at me. After that I really wanted to break up with him. My heart was so hurt. And I was in so much pain but he apologized and was blowing up my phone so I gave him another chance.
I stayed with him for another 3 months after that and basically he kept doing mean things to me and I found out he was lying and cheating on me. That was my last straw I broke up with him through text and blocked him on everything.
After reading all that do you think it was wrong of me to break up with him like or was I justified?
Is it evil of me to break up with my ex through text and then immediately cut off all contact?
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