Why is my ex contacting my family still?

So my ex left me. We were engaged, living together, etc and started sleeping with someone already and this girl is nothing like his type, ahead literally everything he's not into but anyways long story short he would throw comments about me talking to a guy (being nothing more then a friend and I don't see this guy in that way or any sexual way) gaming with him online and he would throw some jealousy even after he's the one that left me and he messaged my family asking them for a ride to work and of course my family said no due to what he did to me after I helped him and his kids out when they and him had nothing and a place to stay... he has a ride that picks him up every morning and if he misses the ride his boss sends someone to go get him and he's got hundreds of friends who have veichles so he could of asked them :s. Why is he still contacting them? We are no longer together, his decision.
Why is my ex contacting my family still?
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