I caught my ex cheating and now he won’t stop calling me?

Prior to his stupid decision we were good. Everything was going well in our relationship no arguments or anything. The day I found out I completely ignored him and did not respond to his text or calls. Yesterday I finally said something and pretty much told him that if that’s who he wants to be with he can I’m good. He’s goes on to saying how much he loves me and never meant for me to find out and how he’s broken about and how the girl means nothing she was just somebody to vent to. This all happened Sunday, yesterday I respond and then didn’t say anything else. He’s been calling me but I haven’t answered then he sends me this...

”Listen idc what anybody says man kree I apologize for real I’m not tryna get back wit u or tryna be sneaky I promise u kree I do love u and I’ll forever think about u we don’t gotta be friends nor talk I know I made a big dumb situation wen I could’ve just kept it real but from the bottom of my heart I’m sorry , no need to text back just know what I had for u was real pleas be good keep being happy we had a good run. Don’t end your life cuz of me I learned from u u learned from me goodnight ♥️
I caught my ex cheating and now he won’t stop calling me?
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