I caught him cheating and now he is ignoring me?


My boyfriend (maybe ex?) started dating 11 months ago. When we get into fights he says some awful things. Like it'll make me feel worse if I go into detail. I am good at not putting anyone down during a fight..

I stuck by him through a lot of things. I found out in July he had been cheating on me since march and told me on the way to this girls house. We broke up before but he called me and we got back together so this was about a month after we got back together, and i cried and i hung up on him and he kept calling and calling and then it just stopped. a day later i called him and he answered and came over ( lives about 50 minutes away. He asked if we could move past it after talking and we got back together.

then in August we went on a trip 5 hours away, got into a fight and that night i get a message from this girl with screenshots and it was the girl he had cheated with saying they were together after he dropped me off the night after the fight. I called him and told him and he denied it, so me trying to move past it, let it go, but I had a gut feeling and Saturday morning i went through his phone and seen he had in fact been with her that night and was still in contact with her up until early October. he denied it, left and is now ignoring me.

do you think he'll contact me again? "I texted him a couple times after he left saying "im done. im out" and he's been ignoring me since. I don't want to be told to breakup with him and all that crap, i already know. right now i want to know if he's gonna call or if he's really done because he always used to call a few days after ours fights, but i feel bad because i went through his phone and deleted her messages and contact. i feel like it is my fault. he blamed a lot of it on me.
I caught him cheating and now he is ignoring me?
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