I cheated, broke his heart, he ended it, will he ever come back?

To all you guys and girls out there I need your honest advice. I'm more interested in what the guys have to say about this, although some opinions from the girls is also appreciated. I'm 19 years old, before last Friday I was in an 8 month relationship with my boyfriend who is 22 years old. I fell head over heels for this guy, and I had the same effect on him. As with any relationship we had some problems. Were both stubborn and hard headed. So it was almost easy for us to get into dumb little fights. They would last awhile then we were back to our lovey dovey self, We have had a few BIG fights which had caused us to break up once upon a time. Only lasted two days then he came crawling back to me promising it would NEVER happen again. Unfortunately last week we suffered another one, but to my comfort we got through it. Now comes the worst thing I could ever have done in my life.. Last Friday he started ignoring me, he was just having one of those days. A friend of mine invited me out to a party. So I agreed to go. Didn't think nothing of it, wanted to have a few drinks, mingle with friends and sit around the fire. Harmless right? I'm big into quading and outdoors. Couple guy friends were ripping around on their quads. And one invited me out to go with them. I said oh sure and hopped on. Well .. As we were waiting for the others to catch up, he turned around smirked at me said do you even know how gorgeous you are? I was a lil shocked as what? Then to my surprise he kissed me. The minute that happened I thought of my guy. But having those drinks didn't help much. Everyone caught up and we took off again. Later we lost them ..again. But this time it was almost like he wanted to. He took me down some trails. Stopped the quad. Turned it off. Then turned around started kissing me again. Tried to pull away but he wouldn't allow me to go. Now don't get me wrong, Was not rape. But guys can be forceful about it. Things went to far and I found myself that I cheated on somebody I love. I asked this guy to stop and that it was a bad idea and we needed to go back to the fire. He just told me he didn't want to, My friends found out. And I felt so guilty I told my guy the next day. He was completely crushed and ended it with me. My friends are so p*ssed off at both me and the guy. Only 3 still connect with me. My now ex asked me to go up early one morning. To prove I still care, So I did, stayed by his side awhile then left. We talked he just kept asking why? Why didn't I get up and leave? Told me he had big plans with me, another 6 months he was going to ask me to be his wife. Later that day (yesterday) he said it was done. I will never hurt him again. He said his goodbyes. I know deep down he still loves me. I just hurt him so bad. I feel like an a hole,keep thinking what I could have done more to stop from cheating. I can't fix it now. I still love him. Even though it looks like I don't. To all you out there..will he start to miss me, and ever consider me?


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  • Of course he'll miss you and he probably will have thoughts about getting back together with you. However, that doesn't mean it'll happen. If he thinks about starting it up again, he'll remember what you did to him at the same time. So chances are, no, he won't take you back. But hey, ya never know right?

    I'd say just give it time then talk to him later. Don't push anything.


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  • He sounds like he's finished. He may miss you but it doesn't sound like he's going to come back. Unfortunately there are some things that can't be undone and the violation of trust would always be there even if he did come back.


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  • I don't think hell take you back unless he really wants you, but... If the situation was reversed would you take him back?

  • that sucks! but it wasn't totally your fault, so maybe that would soften the blow to his ending with you. right? you hope he wasn't too hurt, even though he was hurt. it wasn't as if you planned it. =S Maybe you guys can still be friends. who knows.


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